The Top 10 Video Ad Campaigns in Youtube of 2010

December 18th, 2010 admin Posted in Internet, Video, YouTube 5 Comments »

As you have heard – advertisements are all around us. YouTube have published 10 most viewed video advertisements that have been uploaded in YouTube in this year. I believe you have already seen many of them, but many people are interested in ratings and statistics as well. In this top 10 are not included movie and video game trailers.

So here is the top with information about how many times the video have been viewed since it is uploaded.

  1. Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (viewed > 25,2 Million times)
  2. DC Shoes – Ken Block’s Gymkhana THREE, Part 2 (20,1)
  3. Tippex – NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear! (13,4)
  4. Gilette – Amazing Roger Federer trickshot on Gillette ad shoot (7,7)
  5. Toyota – Swagger Wagon (7,7)
  6. ETRADE – New E*TRADE Baby — Girlfriend (6,6)
  7. Doritos – Crash The Super Bowl 2010 Winner: House Rules (6,5)
  8. Geico – Piggy — GEICO Commercial (6,3)
  9. Adidas – adidas originals — Star Wars Cantina (4,7)
  10. Google – Google Chrome Speed Tests (4,1)
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How to clear Internet browser’s cache

February 5th, 2008 admin Posted in Computers, Internet, Software 2 Comments »

In cache are files that makes faster the page loading that have been opened before, but if the page design or anything else have been changed then the site could look quite strange. So you sometimes need to clear your Internet browser’s cache.

To that that just follow these steps:

1. First you need to know which Internet browser you are using. You can find it out clicking on help and then about.


2. Further you need to act according which Internet browser you are using. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mobile phone records in 2007

January 28th, 2008 admin Posted in Internet, Phones No Comments »

Russian mobile operators have summarized some very interesting data about mobile phone users.

In nomination ” chatterbox ” the winner is a woman from Kolorova city. Her outgoing calls were 136 664 minutes. It is more than 6 hours in day.

In nomination ” SMS ” the record have gained Alexandr from Moscow. He have sent 34 269 sms and it is about 100 messages in a day.

In nomination ” GPRS ” a Megafon user Victor have downloaded 101,5 GB in mobile net.

In these nominations are only private persons.

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Now I’m also blogging for money

January 5th, 2008 admin Posted in Blogs, Earn money in internet, Internet 2 Comments »

I signed up at payperpost abou a week ago. And yesterday I received an email that my blog (this site) is approved and I can start earning money writing sponsored posts.

Yesterday I just checked what is what, but today I decided to start write something, so this is my first sponsored post. From this time you will see more and more sponsored posts in this blog, of course if all will work fine with payperpost.

So you have decided to start blog for money. You can sign up there as my affiliate clicking on the banner that can be found in the right sidebar. Yes there is an affiliate program too and you can earn much with that too. When you are signing up just follow the instructions and you will done it fast. Then you will need to wait while they will approve your blog and only then you can start to write posts and earn with them.

They are paying to bloggers with paypal and it is fast and easy to receive money to your pocket and spend it wherever you want.

It is a good way to earn money for your blog’s hosting, but you can easy earn much more than your hosting’s cost with payperpost. Personally I’m trying to earn and put aside money for a new car.

So happy blogging and hope you will reach your targets.

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How will look wordpress 2.4 ?

January 3rd, 2008 admin Posted in Internet, scripts, wordpress 5 Comments »

wordpress logoSoon the new version of wordpress will be released. With this version we will something unprecedented – the wordpress administration panel which was in blue tone, now will be changed beyond recognition.

I f functionality will stay the same, than color palette will be different. The new design is lighter and there is used the orange color and because that it looks more modern. Meanwhile it is unknown how will look and work the final version but you can check new administration panel of wordpress in test mode.

WordPress 2.4 is expected for public using after 24 January.

Here is a video about new wordpress administration panel: Read the rest of this entry »

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Want to make a shop in internet?

December 27th, 2007 admin Posted in Internet, Internet business, Internet marketing 1 Comment »

Nowadays anyone can take a part in Internet business. One way is to create a Internet shop and sell stuff in it. So if you have decided to do it you will need a software for your shop. The right choice would be a ecommerce software. In homepage there is a demo available, so you can see all its features and also try an administration panel. But better way to try is a 10 days free trial what they are offering.
About its features. They are many functions that will help you format item description and list it. Good and handy feature is WYSIWYG editor, that means you can edit information like working with Microsoft Word or any other text editor. You can edit your design also. 50 themes are included and you can choose which one to use. But if you don’t like them you can edit them and make it very different so your Internet shop will be unique. You can accept most of popular payment options like credit cards, bank deposits etc. Also google checkout can be used, but you can create your own payment options as well. Site is SEO optimized so your site will get visitors from search engines for free. You can use an affiliate program in your store if you want, so you won’t need to advertise it others will do it with their affiliate links, but tou will need to pay them a commission if they sell something from your store.
Try it and buy if you like it. Prices are very friendly.

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Free image hosting site – host-images

December 24th, 2007 admin Posted in Hosting, Internet 1 Comment »

I have launched a new image hosting site. You can host your photos for free and share them wherever you want. Simple and easy. You can also images uploaded by others and rate them. I have uploaded one funny picture to show you how it works. Here is the link to funny picture. And here in links page you can get all links you need to share this picture to others. You can use thumbnails, links and other features. It is very easy. You can find many funny images and pictures here. And you are welcome to upload your images too.

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We can wait for Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 in 2008. first half

December 22nd, 2007 midowo Posted in Internet, Software 2 Comments »

IE8Microsoft in 2008. first half are planning to release Internet explorer 8 first version. This new Internet explorer 8 beta 1 passed the Acid2 test.
In former days so popular Microsoft Internet explorer 6 browser, what was a web standard fighting with ten not at all popular Mozilla Firefox had to make the Internet explorer 7. with Internet explorer 7 Microsoft wished to develop those WEB standards in this browser and this badly effected those Homepage witch were developed for IE 6 use only. Now when this new IE 8 is coming out  they say that they wont make those mistakes again.

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Firefox 3 with new functions and better protection

December 19th, 2007 admin Posted in Internet, Software 2 Comments »

Mozilla promises that in the new Mozilla Firefox 3 will be new functions and will have better protection for example it will have an access to Google infected pages list and the user will get a warning when he visits a page from this list.

The vice-president in projects Mike Schroepfer points that one of Firefox 3 main tasks is internet browser protection betterment. The new Firefox version will be turned out to protect users from them self action.

firefox 3

It is planned to give to users more information about sites that they are visiting and what is the risk visiting one or other site.

At the end of the November the Mozilla Firefox 3 beta version was turned out: Firefox 3 Beta 1.

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Trojan horses are managed by RSS

December 18th, 2007 admin Posted in Computers, Internet, Viruses No Comments »

Finjan company have discovered a new infected computer management way. In notification about safety in Internet in 2007 years fourth quarter it tells about method how  Web 2.0 service can be used by infected computers net operators.

Trojan horses gets server’s instructions from RSS feeds, blog posts that are made by attackers. This method isn’t observable for users. Finjan company said that meanwhile have found three Trojan horses that uses this method.

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