Arduino Knight Rider LEDs

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Recently I started playing with Arduino microcontroller.

This is one of my first projects.
Probably you all remember this movie – Knight Rider where the car had red moving LED on front.

So here is a easy tutorial how to make it using Arduino.

How to connect LEDs to arduino?

All Cathodes (-) are connected together and connected to ground pin of Arduino.
But each Anode (+) is conncted through a 500Ohm resistor to a seperate arduino digital pin.

How to make  LEDs flash?

To make them work you need to upload a code to arduino.

Here is mine: Read the rest of this entry »

The Top 10 Video Ad Campaigns in Youtube of 2010

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As you have heard – advertisements are all around us. YouTube have published 10 most viewed video advertisements that have been uploaded in YouTube in this year. I believe you have already seen many of them, but many people are interested in ratings and statistics as well. In this top 10 are not included movie and video game trailers.

So here is the top with information about how many times the video have been viewed since it is uploaded.

  1. Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (viewed > 25,2 Million times)
  2. DC Shoes – Ken Block’s Gymkhana THREE, Part 2 (20,1)
  3. Tippex – NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear! (13,4)
  4. Gilette – Amazing Roger Federer trickshot on Gillette ad shoot (7,7)
  5. Toyota – Swagger Wagon (7,7)
  6. ETRADE – New E*TRADE Baby — Girlfriend (6,6)
  7. Doritos – Crash The Super Bowl 2010 Winner: House Rules (6,5)
  8. Geico – Piggy — GEICO Commercial (6,3)
  9. Adidas – adidas originals — Star Wars Cantina (4,7)
  10. Google – Google Chrome Speed Tests (4,1)

Hosting with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth

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Are you looking for a new shared hosting plan? Why not take a hosting with unlimited features? Host as many pages you want no matter how much space they need and how much bandwidth they take.

Hostgator is founded in 2002 and now it is one of the top hosting companies. And now it offers unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth for all its shared hosting plans. Also you can host unlimited websites with baby and and bussiness hosting plan. Hostgator offers linux hosting, but in near future hostgator is going to offer windows hosting as weel. But anyway all hosting packages gives you all features you need for you website. They use cPanel for hosting control panel wich is the most popular. They support PHP4 and PHP5, SSH, Cron jobs, Curl, Python, Ruby On Rails, Video and Audio streaming and much more features.

Hostgator guarantees you a 99.9% uptime. Here are the uptime statstics for the last months:

hostgator uptime

hostgator uptime

But what I wanted to say is that there are no other hosting companies that offers you unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth for shared hosting plans for that money. I have been using Hostgator for almost a year and didn’t had any problems with it. No downtimes, very good support, good prices and all works smooth.

And using hostgator coupons you can get first month almost for free.

Hostgator shared hosting plans with unlimited features

Grand Theft Auto 4 on PC in November

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Rockstar Games confirmed that GTA4 will be On PC. It will happen faster that we can think in NOvember 19. in US and in 21. in Europe. Sem Hauzer sed that it look perfect on PC and wee all will love it.

Ubisoft is making games for 3D glasses

June 15th, 2008 Posted in Games, Other, Technologies | 6 Comments »

Computer game developer Ubisoft has just started their work to new 3D games witch you be able to play with 3D glasses. Ubisoft consider that this is a big step forward for new games. Basic idea for all this is that games will be like a 3D cinema and you will have a large horizon. Meanwhile we don’t know how this novelty will effect gamers. Critic’s consider that it could make a big influence on the human psyche.

Well-known organisations joins together to make better and protect video games platform

June 14th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment »

Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia and other companies who produces and sells computer hardware and software, recently in a Game developers conference made an organisation called “Gaming Alliance” which will work to make better and protect video games platform.

The organisation’s activities contains video games market protection, impressive computer hardware development and other kind of development related to computers and video games.


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It have been my dream from small ages to get a telescope and watch stars. I found an opticPlanet store where all these telescopes and its accessories can be bought.
While I was looking on telescopes I realized that many other things are for sale in this store, but all them are related to optics. I found another interesting thing, it is Flashlight these are lights based on LED technology which gives you a very bright lighting. I like these lights with hats like spies in movies have. But I didn’t can find any information about shipping to Europe. But I think there are many great stuff.

NASA has created a Magnetic Field images

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Magnetic field is one of those things that exists but we can’t see it. USA national aeronautics and space agency experts in the space science lab made the magnetic field visible. Using various computer program’s and multiple reception devices the images of natural magnetic field have made. The field looks like a chaotic and variable stream.
here is the images:

Grand Theft Auto 4

May 7th, 2008 Posted in Games | 7 Comments »

We all know that the last GTA games were amazing and run over the world in some days like a rumor about some celebrity.
My opinion is that the GTA3 was amazing because before it I haven’t seen anything like that- all those 3 d graphics’s and and reliability. The Liberty city was amazing and the missions were so real.

Then came the GTA Vice city witch was improved but i didn’t like the game play.

And the last Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was amazing master peace or Rockstargames. like a real GTA fan I of course won the game and then i thought what would come after it.

And now the GTA4 have appeared on xbox 360 and play station 3. The game uses RAGE and Euphoria like the central game engine. And it gives a opportunities to the character’s and animations to move like in the real life. I think that this could be another turning point in the gaming industry.

And we all are waiting for the PC version witch need to come out in this years end. Read the rest of this entry »

How to unlock Nokia mobile phones?

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I’m going to show you how you can easy unlock your Nokia cellphone at home in few minutes.

I’m sorry, but not all Nokia models can be unlocked with this method.
So here is the list of models that can be unlocked using the method that I will show you:

1100 1100a 1100b 1101 1110 1220 1260 1261 1600 2100 2160 2170 2180 2190 2200 2221 2260 2261 2270 2280 2285 2300 2300a 2600 2600cn 2650 2652 3100 3100b 3105 3108 3120 3200 3200b 3230 3285 3300 3300b 3310 3315 3320 3330 3350 3360 3361 3390 3395 3410 3510 3510i 3520 3530 3560 3570 3570i 3580 3585 3590 3595 3600 3610 3620 3650 3660 3810 5100 5100a 5110 5110i 5120 5125 5130 5130a 5130b 5140 5140b 5140i 5146 5160 5165 5170i 5180 5185 5185i 5190 5210 5230 5510 6010 6020 6020b 6021 6030 6030a 6060 6090 6100 6101 6102 6102b 6103 6100 6110 6110i 6111 6120 6130 6138 6150 6150e 6160 6160i 6161 6162 6170 6170b 6185 6190 6200 6210 6220 6225 6230 6230i 6230b 6250 6260 6290 6310 6310e 6310i 6340 6340e 6340i 6360 6370 6385 6390 6500 6510 6510e 6560 6585 6590 6600 6610 6610i 6620 6650 6660 6670 6670b 6800 6800a 6800e 6810 6820 6820a 6820b 6822a 7110 2160 7190 7200 7210 7210e 7210i 7250 7250e 7250i 7260 7270 7280 7600 7610 7610b 7650 7690 7700 7710 8210 8250 8260 8265 8265i 8270 8280 8290 8310 8310e 8310i 8390 8390e 8510 8800 8810 8850 8855 8860 8890 8910 8910e 8910i 9000 9000i 9110 9110i 9120 9210i 9290 9300 9300i 9500 N-Gage N-Gage QD N-Gage QDa

Step by step instructions about unlocking:

  • First you need to download software WorldUnlock Calculator v4.4 from here: or search in google for it if you can’t download it from this link.
  • After you have downloaded it, install it on your computer.
  • In first field choose Nokia (or other manufacturer) and phone model (for example 6230), type in your phone’s IMEI code (you can find it out typing a code in your phone – *#06#), choose a country where your phone is locked and an operator where phone works.
  • Click on calculate.
  • Turn off mobile phone.
  • Take out SIM card
  • Switch on mobile phone
  • Type in one of generated codes

And now your phone should work.

Remember if you have typed in the code incorrectly for five times, the phone can be unlocked only with cable.